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Our Story

Clove Dental is a family. We started in 1990 when Dr. Shalabh Puri opened his first practice in Oxnard, CA with his wife Radhika. They were immigrants from India looking to help the community and built up their practice from scratch. Dr. Anish Puri, their son, followed in their footsteps and launched Clove Dental in 2022 to expand on their vision to provide the best care at fair prices. Now we are a team of experienced professionals here to serve you. 
Our vision is to help 100,000 patients a year with their dental care starting in Ventura County. Our name, Clove Dental, comes from the ancient clove herb which was used in Asia to cure dental pain in the 1600s. We believe that using technology combined with a personalized patient experience is the key to overall patient wellness. 
Please visit us to learn more and join our community!