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Dental Practice Transitions

Clove Dental is a group dental practice owned and led by dentists. By joining our practice, we offer unique, flexible support and affiliation solutions regardless of what stage your dental practice is in.

Our culture of success is patient-focused and we pride ourselves on the fact that while our organization has grown, we continue to pursue others who believe in our mission statement to provide affordable, convenient and accessible dental care to all who seek it.

Clove is continually expanding throughout California and beyond. Each practice site represents excellent attention to patient care, including the finest support staff, modern technology, and most importantly, the 365 days a year of business support designed to allow the practice to focus 100% on clinical success.

Have you ever considered joining a group practice so you can focus on dentistry and leave the business aspects to someone else?  Now is the time.

If you are a practicing dentist with an interest in joining the Clove Dental family, please contact us by calling 805-445-1333, or emailing

We are happy to share our views and explain the seamless transition process and most importantly, a value that represents your years of professional commitment. Also, we understand that the transition of a practice does not necessitate the final chapter in your career, but a richer one. All transitions will require continued doctor employment.

Discover the benefits of partnering with Clove Dental

Protect Your Legacy:

Keep your current practice identity and team intact and maintain the legacy you’ve worked so hard to build.

Practice Management:

Access to business resources, including marketing support, insurance negotiations, financial management, HR/Recruitment, IT Support and more – we take care of it all.

Easy Process:

We will work with your office to ensure a seamless, step-by-step onboarding process so your practice can continue to treat patients with no disruption as you begin your partnership with Clove Dental.

Quality Control:

Access to a peer-reviewed “Consultation Review Board” designed to provide best-care outcomes.

Office Maintenance:

Resources to keep your office updated and provide a best in class comfortable patient experience. Clove serves its patients in state-of-the-art, beautiful environments where comfort is a top priority.

Monetize your practice:

Receive full value for your practice’s equity today, while also continuing to earn a future income.